Semi- Independent Living

Pathways currently has Semi-Independent Provisions across the Northwest, Northeast & Southwest of England.These services are unique in setup and style but all work within the Ethos of Pathways. Allowing young people to live in a shared living environment, access to their own personal space, 24 hour on site support by fully qualified leaving care support workers and a robust, comprehensive life skills programme.

Independent Living

Pathways is able to provide solo placement accommodation within the private rental sector to young people equipped to cope with the demands of independent living. Our packages can be tailored to each individuals needs and are adaptable as their needs change. We are able to source furnished or unfurnished accommodation in areas across the region and with each individual to ensure the chosen property is appropriate to their needs and circumstances.

Early Intervention

Our experienced teams are on hand to work with children, families and young people in stabilising disruptive behaviours and maintaining families within the home environment. Early intervention delivered successfully can significantly reduce the risk of Looked After Status being applied.

Foster Placement Transitional Support

Foster placements provide a robust, stable environment for children and young people, but often do not adequately develop young peoples skills enough for success independent living. Pathways can work in partnership with Foster Carers and young people in being able to deliver specific workshops based around life skills management to successfully equip young people with the necessary tools to transition on from a foster placement into their own living environment.

Supported Lodgings

Pathways is able to recruit, assess and support supported lodgings hosts across the region. Supported lodgings are available to young people aged 16+ who would live with a family or individual who has a spare room and is willing to provide informal guidance and practical assistance to the young person who, otherwise, lives independently. The Supported Lodgings Host does not have parental responsibility for the young person.

Respite/Additional Support Packages

Pathways is able to provide a range of respite placements, along with additional support packages to children, young people, and families tailored to meet their individual needs, either as a one off package of support, or a more robust, comprehensive package with a medium to long term support reduction plan.


Pathways is experienced in providing placements to unaccompanied asylum seeking children from a variety of ethic and cultural backgrounds. Our support packages are able to run parallel in relation to developing life skills but also equipping each individual with the necessary language, educational and cultural skills required to maintain a stable placement within the United Kingdom.

Tenders & Contracts

Pathways currently holds a number of tenders and contracts for a variety of services on behalf of a number of Local Authorities. Our partnership work is a vital aspect to the development of our organisation and the enhanced relationships we form through contracts and tenders allows us to work in a more deep-rooted manner with corporate partners.